× European dates for the Greyhounds coming up!

European dates for the Greyhounds coming up!


Rising out of the Austin, TX music scene, the Greyhounds, a duo comprising guitarist Andrew Trube and keyboardist Anthony Farrell, feature a unique sound that mixes R&B, soul, funk, and the Bakersfield country of Buck Owens into a style that has been described as "Hall & Oates meets ZZ Top," and the duo's exciting live shows have earned them a large and loyal fan following. Many music fans remember Farrell and Trube as key members of JJ Grey's band MOFRO for many years. After parting with Grey in 2016 to focus full-time on Greyhounds, the band has only left the road to record and release two full-length records.

Their latest Cheyenne Valley Drive is a product of a band at the height of their game, making music in a studio that has been virtually untouched by time, recording in the style that many of their musical heroes used. Basically a dream come true. A dream they want to share with you. This month Greyhounds will bring Cheyenne Valley Drive over to Europe for a compact and intense tour including headline shows and festival dates:

03/05: Ospel (NL) @ Moulin Blues
05/05: Waardamme (BE) @ Cowboy Up 
06/05: Dusseldorf (DE) @ The Pitcher 
07/05: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe 
08/05: Deventer (NL) @ Burgerweeshuis 
09/05: Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus 
10/05: Essen (DE) @ Soul Hell Cafe 
11/05: Groningen (NL) @ Rhythm & Blues Night 
12/05: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso 

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