× Dylan LeBlanc, Garrett T. Capps and Ian Noe headline Down By The River on June 7th

Dylan LeBlanc, Garrett T. Capps and Ian Noe headline Down By The River on June 7th


It’s with great joy to announce full line-up for the Down By The River. This year the festival will take place on Sunday 7 June in and around Poppodium Grenswerk in Venlo. On the sixth edition of the roots- and Americana festival we present you with a selection of fresh, and redefining artists headlined by Dylan LeBlanc, Garrett T. Capps and Ian Noe.

This will be the first edition in summer time, that’s why we have decided to include an outdoor stage on which Herman Brock Jr., The Dibs and Drum&Beeker are scheduled to perform. Finishing off the line-up are Dutch rootsband Darlyn and pop-noir singer Suzanne Santo. The latter is set to take the stage at the Joriskerk, a fixed value for the festival and at about 200 meters from Poppodium GrenswerkTickets are on sale as of today.

In April, the period in which the festival was held previously, a small edition is set to take place too. On Easter Sunday, 12 April, three artists will take the stage: The Sadies, Mike & The Moonpies and Jerry Leger & The Situation.


Dylan LeBlanc
Dylan LeBlanc is back after touring for a couple of years in support of the well-received album Cautionary Tale. Now he’s come up with a brand-new album: Renegade. While Cautionary Tale was quiet characteristic for its intimate folk arrangements, Renegade marks a step into a bold new direction. LeBlanc is introducing a ‘’live’’ atmosphere – the record was mostly recorded live in the studio – and is his best album up to date. Dynamic, layered and it rocks. This latest acquirement to his arsenal has been recorded by Grammy-award winning producer Dave Cobb.

Garrett T. Capps
It’s barely been a year since praised predecessor In the Shadows (Again) but once again Garrett T. Capps succeeds in imposing with his personal interpretation of country. Building upon the foundation laid down by Gram Parsons cosmic-country, Capps is venturing on the current which took the Byrds and Daniel Romano on an experimental tour. The space cowboy from San Antonio is highly capable of venturing his Capsule from the Yellow Dog Studio in Wimberly into the Texan air space with his second chapter in the In The Shadows-trilogy. In Juni the capsule will land in Venlo while on a short tour of Capps with his NASA Cowboy band.

Ian Noe
Ian Noe has had a guitar in his hand from an early age. The American-born singer-songwriter grew up while listening to his folk-heroes Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and John Prine. His acoustic roots sound is based upon his heroes and combined with his impressive lyrics and convincing vocals. Noe’s current tour is in support of his album Between The Country, his name tops many year-lists and a sold-out Paradiso Noord show in February just shows the popularity of the Kentucky-star.

Suzanne Santo
Caught between the darkness of pop-noir, the raw edge of soul and the honest Americana sound, tells Suzanne Santo with Ruby Red the story of a singer-songwriter chancing its direction after ten years. Suzanne used to be part of the Americana-duo HONEYHONEY in which she was playing the banjo and violin while being the lead singer. She’s currently discovering other sides of music and she went on a new challenge: a collaboration with Butch Walker to create her debut album in which her electric violin, powerful electric guitar and breath-taking voice come out strongly.

Herman Brock Jr.
They’re calling him the Herman Brood of bluegrass: Herman Brock Jr., a lefthanded bluegrass-, Americana- and blues musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Terneuzen. His last bluegrass-album The Old World was recorded in collaboration with the Blue Grass Boogiemen, Joost van Es, Janos Koolen, Jeroen Schmohl, Herman Brock Sr., The Brockettes, The Blue Grass Bunch, Laurens Joensen and many other top artists from the Dutch bluegrass scene. The album consists of fourteen of his own songs and two of his father Herman Brock Sr.

The Dibs
The Dibs is Blues, Rhytmn’n’Blues and some Soul. ‘’Dibs’’ means taking the first claim or the first prerogative on a choice. This brand spaking new band filled with acquaintances are claiming their spot in the bluesworld, they call dibs!! The Dibs are claiming their spot but do also set no limits on their inspirational sources. Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland is never to far away but also expect some Texas-shuffle, deep soul or a good old New Orleans-beat. One thing is certain, the experience of the band members is without a doubt amazing. The many and long roads in the blues brought them together which is showing off during their performances. So get ready for some soulful blues!

The Dutch rootspopband Darlyn made it’s first appaerence in 2016 with their single Stepping Stone. The song went viral on Spotify and Darlyn played on Dutch tv show De Wereld Draait Door. This instant success did not mess with their minds and since then the band has worked on their own pace on the band sound. The sound has changed a little bit and has become rawer and more dynamic then in their early days. They’ve added some groove, a little bith of electronical sounds and where clearly inspired by the record collection of their parents. The one key ingredient that hasn’t changed is the lovely clear vocals of leadsinger Diwa Meijman.

Peter Beeker saw the light: the blues took him. Hanging at the local bar he can't stop talking over the slight differences between the North and South-Mississippi Blues. With his new project Drum&Beeker you'll hear all about it: sleazy blues straight out of the swamps.


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