× Dylan LeBlanc and The Steel Vaqueros announce European tour for August/September

Dylan LeBlanc and The Steel Vaqueros announce European tour for August/September


Dylan LeBlanc is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who often finds himself flirting with the edge -- or “dancing on a razor,” as he calls it -- as it is all he has ever known. A verdict vagabond since he was a little boy tossed between Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, LeBlanc thrives on the precipice, never staying in one place for too long. It is that nomadic spirit that drew him not only to a life as a touring musician, but also to the beast that titles his newest record: Coyote

LeBlanc says he has always related to the insatiable, scavenging nature of the wily coyote. Much like the animal, LeBlanc is a wanderer who knows when to trust his instincts, musically and otherwise. It is a spiritual kinship that runs deep, but he credits one particularly hair-raising face-to-face instance with solidifying his bond with the animal.

Coyote is LeBlanc’s first self-produced release, boasting a cherry-picked lineup of what he calls “killer session players,” such as drummer Fred Eltringham (Ringo Starr, Sheryl Crow), pianist Jim "Moose" Brown (Bob Seger), and bass player Seth Kaufman (Lana Del Rey). Though Coyote covers familiar ground for LeBlanc of living on the edge of danger and its many consequences, the record is both autobiographical and a concept album built around the character of Coyote, a man on the run.

Considering the distinct wisdom and lifetimes in his voice, it is no surprise that LeBlanc has known hardships, but he is a shining example of what beauty comes from perseverance. LeBlanc’s tenacity has paid off in spades, leading him to a record deal with ATO Records, releasing the critically acclaimed Renegade in 2019, and now Coyote, which LeBlanc says is “the record he has always wanted to make.”

Now in his thirties with a fiancé and a daughter he adores, LeBlanc is the closest he has ever been to the man he has always strived to be. With endearing candor, he confesses he is still learning to be less hot-headed and more gentle; but he doesn’t think about dying every day, like he used to. LeBlanc credits fatherhood for the perspective he has now on what matters, and his key concern is remaining devoted to those he loves most. Though far removed from a perilous life like Coyote’s, LeBlanc admits he still feels as if he is dancing on a razor’s edge all the same. The goodness he is surrounded by only gives him more to lose, with each glimmer carrying an asterisk of fear. One misstep and he worries that it all could vanish, but the lionhearted LeBlanc seems to forget he once unnerved even a wild coyote with his eyes alone. 

In August / September Dylan LeBlanc and The Steel Vaqueros are back in Europe for a big tour:

15/06: Eridge Park, UK - Black Deer Festival
16/08: Stockholm, SWE - Stockholm Roots
17/08: Falkenberg, SWE - Rootsy Summer Fest
24/08: Stanford Hall, UK - The Long Road
28/08: Bremen, DE - Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
29/08: Berlin, DE - Privatclub
30/08: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache
31/08: Maastricht, NL - Bruis Festival
01/09: Kassel, DE - Palais Bellevue
03/09: Stuttgart, DE - Galao
04/09: Enschede, NL - Metropool
05/09: Heist-op-den-Berg, BE - Hnita Jazz Club
06/09: Middelburg, NL - De Spot
07/09: Vancé, FR - Eldorado Americana Festival
08/09: Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso (Sugar Mountain x Indiestad festival)
12/09: Rouen, FR - Le 106
14/09: Zwolle, NL - Hedon
15/09: Oostende, BE - Leffingeleuren Festival
17/09: Paris, FR - La Maroquinerie
18/09: Clermont-Ferrand, FR - Chorus Live
19/09: Tourcoing, FR - Grand Mix

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