× Die! Die! Die! will rock The Netherlands

Die! Die! Die! will rock The Netherlands


Die!Die!Die! haven't passed away yet after continuous touring all over the world. The band has been found in Dunedin, small village in New Zealand with less than 2000 inhabitants. Must be beautiful there but is anything happening there? We can't tell you as we've never been over. Anyway: it would be a great reason to start a punk or garage band! That's what Andrew Wilson and Michael Prain did at the end of 2003.

The band started as a hardcore band and through the years they got influenced on their tours by garage, noise and even post-punk music. The band toured with bands such as Blood Brothers, Wolfmother and Franz Ferdinand and did many festivals such as SXSW. Now they are over for some shows in Groningen, Maastricht, Utrecht and Venlo. Go check this amazing band live! See all tourdates below.

2013.08.31 Groningen (NL) @ Vera
2013.09.01 Maastricht (NL) @ OHP9
2013.09.08 Utrecht (NL) @ dBs
2013.09.10 Venlo (NL) @ Pollux