× Delaney Davidson visits the Benelux

Delaney Davidson visits the Benelux


Part man part wheel, Delaney Davidson is part wandering minstrel, part travelling salesman. One hand holds a small brown suitcase, his trade, his ghost orchestra, the other holds his guitar. One foot firmly in the Blues Trash corner of the ring, the other on the road, you could say Delaney sees music as he sees geography, and that although he has certain preferences, in fact all territories are up for grabs This week he'll be in Belgium and The Netherlands again

Mindblowing on stage as a one man band and breathtaking in the studio with guest musicians, this New Zealander plays a folk blues cabaret country trash like no-one else. His latest record "Bad Luck Man" is out on Voodoo Rhythm Records.

Check out the dates:
09-05-2012: Oostende (BE) @ De Zwerver with James Leg
10-05-2012: Eindhoven (NL) @ Altstadt with Woody & Paul
11-05-2012: Leeuwarden (NL) @ Asteriks
12-05-2012: Zwolle (NL) @ Vestzak Theater
13-05-2012: Breda (NL) @ Mezz