× Delaney Davidson tours Europe with new album "Lucky Guy"

Delaney Davidson tours Europe with new album "Lucky Guy"


Delaney Davidson, Singer-Songwriter, Noir Protagonist, Promotional Coyote, One-Man Band, Production Svengali. Part wandering minstrel, part traveling salesman, one foot on the stage and one in the road. Six solo albums out and always one on the way. A perpetual world wide tour: performing across oceans and continents. Awards here, collaborations there, a non-stop whirlwind. Here yet again to present the latest release (solo album number 7) in his rogues gallery line up. This time “Lucky Guy”. A compact collection of 12 solid and succinct songs. These songs have an up beat drive and lightness previously avoided in his work.

The band he brings this time on tour features Nicole Izobel Garcia, chanteuse of the Reverend Beatman duo, dusky nightingale from the deserts of Mexico and Hit of the Christchurch Arts Festival, aswell as the highly sought after Joe McCallum, award winning drummer of choice, trained in the Scottish marching bands of southern New Zealand, and long time colluder with Davidson. Delaneys touch of Spanish tinge influence trace back to the Blues of Jelly Roll Morton, and his early days of Punk mix with the L.A. Brat stylings of “Manos Del Chango”. Stirring up flavours of South of the Bordertown ghettos and the end of the world they perform songs from the Lucky Guy album aswell as rootsy Mexican folk songs, Blues Dirges, broken Cumbia Classics and Haunted Country. With this album he'll be touring across Europe in November. Find all tourdates here:

2015.11.04 Munich (DE) @ Huettenwerk
2015.11.05 Frankfurt (DE) @ Orange Peel
2015.11.06 Fribourg (CH) @ Nouveau Monde
2015.11.09 Bern (CH) @ Cafe Kairo
2015.11.11 Vienna (AT) @ Rhiz
2015.11.12 Leipzig (DE) @ Zoro
2015.11.13 Berlin (DE) @ Cortina Bob
2015.11.14 Eindhoven (NL) @ Wilhelmina
2015.11.15 Vlissingen (NL) @ De Piek
2015.11.16 Rotterdam (NL) @ Cafe de Ouwehoer
2015.11.17 Moorslede (BE) @ De Nodige Deugd
2015.11.18 Cologne (DE) @ Sonic Ballroom
2015.11.19 Brussels (BE) @ House Concert
2015.11.20 Stuttgart (DE) @ Laboratorium
2015.11.21 Martigny (CH) @ Les Caves Du Manoir
2015.11.22 Paris (FR) @ La Mecanique Ondulatoire
2015.11.24 Valence (FR) @ Mistral Place
2015.11.25 Vicenza (IT) @ Via Roma 17
2015.11.26 Verona (IT) @ Jack The Ripper
2015.11.27 La Spezia (IT) @ Shake Club
2015.11.28 Montebelluna (IT) @ Mattorosso
2015.11.29 Pecs (HUN) @ Kino Trafik
2015.11.30 Rijeka Hrvatska (CRO) @ Botel Marina
2015.12.01 Belgrade (SB) @ KC Grad