× Del Barber hits the UK for AMAUK and other shows

Del Barber hits the UK for AMAUK and other shows


Del Barber has really hit the sweet spot. It’s not just his songwriting, or even his performance, on this album. It’s that Barber’s sense of himself is so secure, and joyful, that it resonates throughout this album. "Easy Keeper" may be the Juno-nominated artist’s latest album, but it’s clear that more than anything else it’s a reminder to himself of who he’s become — and who he wants to grow into.

Easy Keeper is an Americana opus that was four years in the making, a hauntingly personal and celebratory collection of songs. The record weaves variations of roots and folk music into a revelatory listen. “‚ÄčI want art to be rigorous, to contain cutting social observation while simultaneously being accessible,”says Barber, “I want it sounding familiar and friendly - parable like in scope.” With songs like “No Easy Way Out” and “Louise” that highlight Barber’s incredible storytelling - this record is a testament to how he moulds his empathetic creative process. 

An “easy keeper” is a term from Barber’s Manitoba upbringing — a farm animal that’s easy to handle, giving more than it takes. “Ultimately, I think to become an easy keeper is to be someone who is quick to listen,” says Barber. The songs on this album are about that journey, directly and indirectly.

His next journey leads to a string of UK shows later this month:

25/01: London, UK - AMAUK
28/01: Sheffield, UK - Dorothy Pax 
29/01: Nottingham, UK - The Chapel (Angels Microbrewery)
30/01: Manchester, UK - Retro
01/02: Ashington, UK - White House Unique Social Club
02/02: Bath, UK - The Chapel
04/02: Filey, UK - Evron Centre 
05/02: Salitaire, UK - The Live Room