× "Deep Fried" brings Miraculous Mule to Benelux

"Deep Fried" brings Miraculous Mule to Benelux


Nothing comes from nowhere. The mule, the miracle plough-puller, the humble and mighty tiller of the earth, is blessed and cursed with a dubious origin. Likewise, though Miraculous Mule nativity was in London in the latter half of the last century, these Anglo-Irish honkeys know that their souls were forged further back and farther west. Fallen into hell’s ditch, baptised in brimstone, reborn in the devotion of African-American Gospel, the pain of penitentiary work songs, the jittery stomp of hillbilly rock. Creeping with shovels to the lonesome resting places of traditional folk, delving deep into the treasures of song that lie beneath broken soil, loading a wagon under cover of night, they have electrified and reanimated those borrowed remains with a newfound urgency, melancholy, rage and beauty.

"Deep Fried" is they latest release and has music on it for dancing, praying, love making and fighting. This weekend Miraculous Mule will be over for four Benelux shows:
2014.02.27 Moorslede (BE) De Nodige Deugd
2014.02.28 Middelburg (NL) @ Kaffee 't Hof
2014.03.01 Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat
2014.03.02 Apeldoorn (NL) @ Gigant

Check out the new video for "Evil On My Mind":