× DBUK (members of Slim Cessna's Auto Club) in the Netherlands and Belgium this month

DBUK (members of Slim Cessna's Auto Club) in the Netherlands and Belgium this month


The Denver Broncos UK (shortened DBUK) comprise of Munly Munly, Lord Dwight Pentacost, Rebecca Vera and Slim Cessna of Slim Cessna's Auto Club from Denver, Colorado. Opposite to the rousing sounds of SCAC, they create a sound that is clearly more subdued, ethereal and intimate with a lot of strings and percussion reminiscing of an agrarian, pre-industrial time. 

As the album title - Songs One Through Sixteen - implies the bands' new full length consists of no less than 16 songs (!), gothic Americana in a class of its own. A beautifully haunting brand of stark acoustic-gloom that will inevitably send shivers down the spines of the most seasoned fans. Having worked with an array of prominent musicians in the past, including members of Devotchka, Tarantella and David Eugene Edwards of 16 Horsepower, DBUK lead-vocalist and celebrated alt-country songwriter/storyteller Jay Munly's voice is equal parts Peter Murphy and Nick Cave, and contrasts beautifully with Rebecca Vera's falsetto on a number of the tracks on the album. The album's strings and percussion are intoxicatingly dramatic and are provided courtesy of Auto Club members Dwight Pentacost and Slim Cessna respectively, all culminating to create one of the more evocative releases the genre has seen quite possibly in years. 

DBUK will be in the Benelux for three shows this month:
06/02: Utrecht (NL) @ dBs 
08/02: Deventer (NL) @ Burgerweeshuis
19/02: Liege (BE) @ Le Hangar

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