× David Ramirez celebrates his 40th in Europe: tour starting soon

David Ramirez celebrates his 40th in Europe: tour starting soon


David Ramirez put out the album My Love Is A Hurricane three years ago, and while there have been other releases (Rules & Regulations - EP), Blackslider (EP), and numerous others) in the meantime this release marks a clear milestone. As songwriters evolve as people, so does their art, and that could not be more apparent than on My Love Is A Hurricane. The soundscapes utilized may be unlike any recording he has previously crafted, but it's not a departure from his journey. It's a new path created in order to tell a new story. A new canvas needed to hold the scene that his intensely personal lyrics are painting.

How do you write love songs when you’re heartbroken? How do you sing about hope and passion when yours is lost? How do you finish an album when the relationship that inspired it has ended? David Ramirez had fallen in love with a woman who, despite having only just met, felt incredibly familiar to him. One after another, Ramirez poured his soul into a new work of art that covered both the sweet parts of love and the hard times it can bring. He wrote about potential, survival, hope, and encouragement. He wrote about partnership. But art is often bred from spontaneity and suffers under the confines of routines and borders. This is a conflicting dynamic that can cause massive problems when you’re building a partnership, when you’re part of a team. A seeming “whatever” attitude can foster insecurity and doubt in a lover. As more and more troubles emerged in his relationship, Ramirez found solace still at the tip of his pen, holding his guitar, sitting at his piano. 

Soon, the relationship that had inspired a new burst of creativity in Ramirez and moved him to start writing an album unlike any he had ever attempted before, came to an end. And with that ending, he still had one last song to write. His heart exhausted, he sat on his patio one night and tried to process all of the lyrics that he knew he had written, yet now left him feeling like a stranger to his own story. Through tears and muffled whimpers, he started to write down all of his negative thoughts about love and put the pain of his broken heart into words. From this emotional purge, he began to see the beauty in what he had gone through: the struggle, the pain, the confusion. He soon found himself writing the lyrics that would become album standout “Hallelujah, Love Is Real!”

Celebrating his 40th in Europe, David Ramirez will hit the road in a couple of weeks:

22/08: Nijmegen, NL - Merleyn
23/08: Groningen, NL - Noorderzon
24/08: Tønder, DK - Tønder Festival
25/08: Tønder, DK - Tønder Festival
26/08: Tønder, DK - Tønder Festival
27/08: Hamburg, DE - Knust
28/08: Eindhoven, NL - Americana Mondays
31/08: Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso Noord
01/09: Maastricht, NL - Bruis
02/09: Crawley, UK - The Hawth
03/09: London, UK - The Grace
04/09: Nottingham, UK - The Chapel (Angels Microbrewery)
06/09: Norderstedt, DE - MusicStar
07/09: Malmö, SWE - Folk å Rock
08/09: Mariefred, SWE - Gripsholm Värdshus
09/09: Stockholm, SWE - Twang
10/09: Helsinki, FIN - On The Rocks
11/09: Tampere, FIN - G Livelab



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