× David Ramirez announces Scandinavian festivals in June

David Ramirez announces Scandinavian festivals in June


David Ramirez latest album My Love is a Hurricane is an ode to love from an exhausted heart. Written as a transformative relationship began ripping apart at the seams. The lyrics and storytelling of once heart-broken and cynical singer / songwriter David Ramirez sit upon dreamy, psychedelic landscapes that evoke genre-melding contemporaries from Michael Kiwanuka to Grizzly Bear. In facing his pain and self-doubt head on, Ramirez turned My Love is a Hurricane into a story of potential, survival, hope, and encouragement.

The New York Times hailed David Ramirez as "a resolutely hesitant singer, never pushing his hurt, letting it instead decay him from within", and Stereogum said: "David Ramirez has a voice like a tall tale, one minute strong and thick, the next threadbare and careworn.” And NPR tops it off with these words: “It's not easy for a writer to maintain the aura of the unspoken in a song. Music and the space surrounding it intensify the impact of confession; the true challenge comes in giving voice to a narrator who's tongue-tied, or simply reticent. Texas singer-songwriter David Ramirez does so beautifully…”

It's a true pleasure to welcome David Ramirez to our European roster and now are able to announce the first dates in June - with a full Europe tour in the making for August/September:

09/06: Malmö, SWE - Malmö Americana
10/06: Stockholm, SWE - Sthlm Americana
11/06: Oslo, NO - Oslo Americana

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