× Daniel Romano's 'Modern Pressure' set for release in May and announcement of September dates

Daniel Romano's 'Modern Pressure' set for release in May and announcement of September dates


Today Daniel Romano announces the release of Modern Pressure in May. With this announcement Noisey Canada premiered the first video of the upcoming release. With the release coming out in May we're happy to announce that Daniel Romano will set sail to Europe for a weekend with shows early September: 

01-SEP: Dorset (UK) @ End Of The Road Festival
02-SEP: Enschede (NL) @ Tuckerville
04-SEP: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso 

In 1993, an eight year old drummer named Daniel Romano took the stage for the first time with his family’s rhythm and blues band. Romano has since been compelling audiences globally while simultaneously acting as producer, engineer, artist, composer, arranger, videographer and sole performer of all instruments on his prodigious back catalogue of multifarious albums. Modern Pressure (May 19, 2017) marks Daniel’s 7th solo effort and most crowning visionary achievement to date.

Considered one of the most exciting chameleons in Rock ‘n Roll, Daniel has packed clubs across the world with the adoring fans of his many unpredictable and confounding styles. Daniel has received a plethora of critical acclaim in the last decade including three Polaris Music Prize nominations and three Juno nominations. He has been awarded two platinum albums and Juno Awards for his performance, production and arrangement work with artist City and Colour, and has amassed an impressive list of high society admirers and collaborators such as actress Rachel McAdams, Gord Downie (of The Tragically Hip), Sarah Harmer, Sarah Slean, Ron Sexsmith and trailblazers The Constantines and The Sadies.

Modern Pressure

Apt in its title, Modern Pressure will surely prove to be Romano’s most explorative endeavor to date. The twelve tracks boldly ask, “What age is this? What blooming weight do we carry?”. Written in observational scrutiny beneath the overcast atmosphere of 2016, the record vigorously tackles the present-day heaviness we contain in the jotting bones of our guilty expressions. It pleads for the restoration of empathy and resonance, to fill the empty chamber once again.

In this chamber, Romano’s voice leads as a lantern. Modern Pressure is a collection of spiritual songs; the sound of the moment reverberating into the future. Like the music of the spheres, these melodies and verses are both pertinent and timeless. There is a desperate cry for revolt; there is a vulnerability in it's stoicism. There is a rapturous callowness within the form. There is an ovation for the matriarchy in this virile world. These are collectively and peculiarly our modern pressure.

Propelled and resourceful as he is prolific, the recording phase took place in a minimalistic cabin in secluded Finnsäs, Sweden over the month of August 2016 (with additional string and horn players being added at Baldwin Street Sound in Toronto, ON in October, 2016). Engineered by long-time collaborator Kenneth Meehan, the fevered pace of work lent itself to the unrestrained and undeviated nature of the songs themselves.

Romano befittingly holds a pivotal key to the exploration of our present day condition; he does this by taking another valiant and dynamic stride pronounced Modern Pressure

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