× Daniel Romano brings "Finally Free" over to Europe

Daniel Romano brings "Finally Free" over to Europe


Next week Daniel Romano kicks off his European tour. This time to promote his new release Finally Free. This is Daniel Romano’s ninth solo album since his solo debut in 2010 (Workin’ For The Music Man). The one consistency over the years  with the Welland, Ontario native is that one just does not know what to expect from him. As such, he is an artist in the true sense of the word and we greet each new release with great anticipation.

Recorded by Romano on a four-track cassette deck he went back to basics for this album lyrically and musically. It is not like any album he has released but rather he seems to be embracing his folk roots following his recent Ancient Shapes release and tour which is pure loud punk rock. On Finally Free he is much more gentle and quite a bit self- reflective. The album is strong from beginning to end. There is no filler and it flows from track to track. There is a consistency to the album and it plays like a perfect one. Once Romano has your attention he does not let it go. He uses his voice like an instrument and everything in combination equals one fine album.

With Finally Free, Daniel Romano will hit Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, starting May 14th.  

14/05: San Sebastian (ESP) - Dabadaba 
16/05: Granada (ESP) - Planta Baja 
17/05: Valencia (ESP) - Loco Club 
18/05: Madrid (ESP) - Cafe Berlin 
19/05: Barcelona (ESP) - Rocksound 
20/05: Marseille (FR) - Le Molotov 
21/05: Bordeaux (FR) - Sortie 13 
22/05: Niort (FR) - Hangar 
24/05: Brugge (BE) - Cactus Muziekclub 
25/05: Den Haag (NL) - Sniester 
26/05: Groningen (NL) - Oosterpoort * 
28/05: Amsterdam (NL) - Paradiso Noord * 
29/05: Eindhoven (NL) - Effenaar *
30/05: Hellendoorn (NL) - Dauwpop 
04/06: Trondheim (NO) - Byscenen * 
07/06: Karlstad (SWE) - Nojesfabriken * 
08/06: Goteborg (SWE) - Pustervik *
10/06: Halden (NO) - Bryggerhuset 
13/06: Bergen (NO) - Bergenfest 
14/06: Oslo (NO) -John Dee * 
15/06: Stockholm (SWE) - Sthlm Americana 

* with Ian Daniel Kehoe

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