× Clowns brings "Lucid Again" to Haltpop this summer

Clowns brings "Lucid Again" to Haltpop this summer


Melbourne punks Clowns always deliver a sonic punch to the face. Whether it's their chaotic live shows or potent albums, one always feels bruised and battered after a run-in with these, uh, clowns. That short, fast, rampant sound has felt like a steady onslaught across the five-piece's previous two releases, and their latest Lucid Again is no different. But there's a heck of a lot more going on here - a psychedelic bent, some straight singing from shouty frontman Stevie Williams - and it works, making for an interesting listen and opens the door that little bit wider to newcomers.

On Lucid Again, they’ve finally realised fully that they have more to offer the world than bratty indolence and assloads of self-destructive energy. A listen through the record is like meeting someone and asking what they’ve been doing all week; they say “just working“, and upon further inspection, you find that they aren’t hiding anything. They’ve been straight with you from the start, which can be both refreshing but a little jarring.

With Lucid Again Clowns tours Europe including a show in the Netherlands:

22 July: Koog aan de Zaan (NL) @ Haltpop