× Chuck Ragan in De Helling (June 9th) and 013 (June 15th)

Chuck Ragan in De Helling (June 9th) and 013 (June 15th)


Chuck Ragan’s bracing new release ‘Till Midnight‘ once again confirms what the iconoclastic singer-songwriter’s fans have known all along: that he’s a deeply compelling songwriter and an effortlessly charismatic performer, as well as a true believer in music’s ability to illuminate and inspire.

This month Chuck Ragan and his band will visit the Netherlands twice:

09-06-2014: Utrecht (NL) @ De Helling
15-06-2014: Tilburg (NL) @ 013

In support of their new record “Till Midnight” on Side One Dummy Records they will tour Europe. Joined by some wonderful songwriters and friends, they’ll be taking the stage overseas with Northcote and Billy The Kid. They’ll be playing a wide mix of songs from most of the releases, many tunes off of the new record and a number of requests that come in. Check out the video for 'Something May Catch Fire':

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