× Christopher Paul Stelling with new album "False Cities" to Europe

Christopher Paul Stelling with new album "False Cities" to Europe


We all know that nothing in this world is permanent, but often like to ignore this universal fact as we go about our days. Brooklyn, NY-based (by way of countless other places) songwriter Christopher Paul Stelling, it seems, is turning this truth into his fruitful inspiration. It's what keeps him going and perhaps what keeps him happy, knowing that we have to try as hard as we can and express all that we can in any given day, no matter the cost.

Having released his debut record, Songs of Praise and Scorn, last year to a flurry of critical praise, Stelling now presents us with his follow-up, False Cities, to be released on May 21, 2013 via Dollartone. Even more so than his debut, this is a record with teeth. It holds on desperately in spite of it all, relentless in both angst and tenderness. Stelling has certainly brought his gothic folk stylings to a further realization on his latest effort. All vinyl & CD pre-orders made through Stelling's Bandcamp will come with an immediate digital download -- over a full month before street date! Listen to the firey lead single, "Brick x Brick," courtesy of Spin HERE.

Stelling spent the majority of 2012 on the road, and with the coming of False Cities, he seems as determined as ever to continue in the way troubadours like him have done for centuries. Persistent and solemn, in spite of it all, but without despondency, he keeps in eager pursuit of his song and his truth. In two weeks he kicks off his European tour. Check all tourdates HERE.

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