× Christopher Paul Stelling tours Europe this month and in August

Christopher Paul Stelling tours Europe this month and in August


After a succesful tour in the beginning of this year Christopher Paul Stelling has been invited for a few festivals. The result of this is TWO tours. The first one will start this weekend leading him into the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. The second one will be in August. Scroll down for all tourdates!

SPIN talks about him: "Christopher Paul Stelling combines the organic approach of the Low Anthem with the impassioned histrionics of a pumped-up Jack White". We think this hits the spot as this Christopher Paul Stelling is one of the most intense singer- songwriters we know of. If you're looking for some high-energy Americana singer-songwriter you should go and see this

2014.05.24 Groningen (NL) @ De Nacht
2014.05.25 Utrecht (NL) @ Culturele Zondagen
2014.05.27 Berlin (DE) @ Auster Club
2014.05.28 Leipzig (DE) @ Waermehalle Sued
2014.05.29 Lenzburg (CH) @ Privat 2014.05.30 Leeuwarden (NL) @ Gloppe
2014.05.31 Puurs (BE) @ Duvelblues Festival
2014.06.01 Breda (NL) @ Mezz
2014.06.03 Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus
2014.06.04 Hamburg (DE) @ The Rock Cafe St. Pauli
2014.06.06 Muenster (DE) @ Tante August
2014.06.07 Lauterbach (DE) @ School
2014.06.08 Wijk aan Zee (NL) @ Timboektoe

2014.08.12 Oostende (BE) @ Paulusfeesten
2014.08.14 Den Helder (NL) @ De Engel
2014.08.15 Den Haag (NL) @ Paard Cafe
2014.08.16 Venlo (NL) @ Zomerparkfeest
2014.08.17 Eeklo (BE) @ Herbakkersfestival

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