× Christopher Paul Stelling hits the European roads tomorrow

Christopher Paul Stelling hits the European roads tomorrow


Folk musician Christopher Paul Stelling has been on the road for five years. After the release of his third LP "Labor Against Waste" (ANTI-) he hasn't see his little apartment in Brooklyn very often. In fact he has only been in New York for a total of six weeks since the beginning of 2015. And starting tomorrow he will reside in Europe for three months (including some weeks vacation in Greece though). Find all tourdates below!

07-09-2016: Utrecht (NL) @ EKKO with Matthew Logan Vasquez
08-09-2016: Rotterdam (NL) @ V11
09-09-2016: Oostende (BE) @ Leffingeleuren Festival
10-09-2016: Groningen (NL) @ Take Root
11-09-2016: Tilburg (NL) @ VERS Festival
14-09-2016: Ponferrada (ESP) @ Sala Tarari
15-09-2016: Léon (ESP) @ Babylon
16-09-2016: Lisboa (PT) @ Lusitano Clube
17-09-2016: Braga (PT) @ Festival Gente Santada
18-09-2016: Porto (PT) @ Passos Manuel
27-10-2016: Eindhoven (NL) @ Calypso at Dutch Design Week
28-10-2016: Witten (DE) @ Knuts
29-10-2016: Middelburg (NL) @ Het Hof
31-10-2016: Wienacht-Tobel (CH) @ Treichli
01-11-2016: Zürich (CH) @ Henrici
02-11-2016: Olten (CH) @ Variobar
03-11-2016: Leipzig (DE) @ Waermehalle Sued
04-11-2016: Prague (CZ) @ Nouvelle Prague
08-11-2016: Cologne (DE) @ Wohngemeinschaft
09-11-2016: Hamburg (DE) @ Warenwirtschaften
11-11-2016: Husum (DE) @ Speicher
12-11-2016: Wuppertal (DE) @ Hutmacher
13-11-2016: Venlo (NL) @ Take Five
13-11-2016: Moers (DE) @ Tempel Folkfest

As he sees it, beginning in 2011, touring became his job - even before he had released his first two albums, 2012's "Songs Of Praise and Scorn" and 2013's "False Cities".

Christopher Paul Stelling is not alone in taking the stage with just an old guitar and the stomp of his foot. What sets him apart is an imagination that is completely his own, yielding stories that feel like parables that you slowly realize have never before been told. His imagination also lives in his fingertips as he traverses from country blues to flamenco to claw hammer banjo all on his trusted “Brownie,” an old nylon string guitar that’s been traveling the globe with him for years. He has no rule book. He sees no limitations. He is an anthology of his influences and he is the first one of his kind.

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