× Canadian poppunkers Chixdiggit! for exclusive Dutch show

Canadian poppunkers Chixdiggit! for exclusive Dutch show


Chixdiggit! have toured the world, put out records on indie juggernaut Sub Pop, wacky Fat Wreck subsidiary Honest Dons, Bad Taste and most recently Fat Wreck Chords proper. They’ve got more releases than a minimum-security prison in Holland and they’ve been on hiatus at least once or maybe even twice, depending on who you ask, or maybe they’ve just been up to other shit...

Chixdiggit! have had an enduring career pumping out some of the catchiest, fast paced, fun laden melodies ever written. With an unwavering dedication to their proven formula of cheeky lyrics and to-the-point music, Chix have created a vast catalog of pop-punk classics over their more than 20 years as a band. They latest release is 'Double Diggits!'. This is a compilation of their two definitive releases 'Born on the First of July' and 'From Scene to Shining Scene' on Fat Wreck Chords.

They're touring Europe this month and will do an exclusive show in The Netherlands:

01-04-2014: Dordrecht (NL) @ Bibelot w/ The Toasters and The Bat Bites