× Bob Wayne in Europe from June till August

Bob Wayne in Europe from June till August


"Till the Wheels Fall Off" ain't just an album title. It's a way of life. Especially when seeing the immense tour that awaits him when starting his next European adventure. Roughly 60 shows in 2 months covering ground from the United Kingdom to Finland, from France to Czech Republic and from Italy to Ireland. Bob Wayne is 100% the real deal: a raucaus, rambunctious, storytelling rabble-rouser with a passionate zeal for life and a reckless charm that is completely unbound. “I’ve always known I wanted to be on the road, no matter what,” Bob says matter-of-factly.

The compositions on Bob’s latest album are wrung from his heart, spirit and guitar with an authenticity that’s lacking in many of today’s various subgenres and scenes. It’s an out front, direct and in-your-face approach that has struck a chord with people whose music collections span the divides between country, roots, bluegrass, rockabilly, punk rock, hardcore, indie artfulness and the rawest of stoner rock and underground metal. It’s country, to be sure, but of the strongest grain and purest intent.

The tour starts on June 14th and ends on August 16th. Check all tourdates here: http://www.sedate-bookings.com/site/tourdates/

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