× Ben Miller Band's Europe tour kicks off next week

Ben Miller Band's Europe tour kicks off next week


The Ben Miller Band's early D.I.Y. approach extended to the lo-tech, largely self-built, instruments that the members still play on stage, including Miller's thrift-shop guitars and banjos and Scott Leeper's one-string washtub bass. The band's use of offbeat instrumentation, however, shouldn't be misunderstood as a​ ​gimmick. Growing up in rural Curlew, Washington, Ben Miller began playing guitar at 16, turning his back on a promising career as a visual artist to focus on music. He gained experience busking and performing in open-mike nights while road-tripping around America, and during an extended stint in Eastern Europe. He eventually found kindred spirits in Scott Leeper and original BMB drummer Doug​ ​Dicharry.

A lot has been going on with the band. Not too long ago the sad news of Smilin' Bob Lewis' passing came to us. Things have been crazy since he was diagnosed with cancer little over a year ago. Ben Miller Band strengthens themselves with the idea that Smilin' Bob Lewis would have wished for the band to continue what they do best: tour. Starting next week the Ben Miller Band will return to Europe in the new set up, going back to the original three piece style with a new drummer/washboard player: Mitch Twombley.

13/03: Hamburg, DE - Sound Yard
14/03: Odense, DK - Dexter
15/03: Altlandsberg, DE - The Buchholz Saloon
17/03: Prague, CZ - Café v Lese
19/03: Recklinghausen, DE - Creative Outlaws
20/03: Bielefeld, DE - Extra Blues Bar
21/03: Dortmund, DE - Blue Notez Club
22/03: Düsseldorf, DE - The Pitcher
24/03: Ittre, BE - Zik Zak
25/03: Puurs, BE - JH Kabal
26/03: Eppstein, DE - Wunderbar
27/03: Olten, CH - Schützi Olten
30/03: Barberaz, FR - Le Brin de Zinc
01/04: Barcelona, ESP - Rocksound
02/04: Valencia, ESP - Loco Club
03/04: Zaragoza, ESP - Rock & Blues
04/04: Madrid, ESP - Wurlitzer Ballroom
05/04: Bilbao, ESP - Crazy Horse
08/04: Breda, NL - Mezz
09/04: Hengelo, NL - Metropool
10/04: Arnhem, NL - Luxor Live
11/04: Schijndel, NL - Paaspop
12/04: Amsterdam, NL - Bitterzoet