× Beechwood shows no sign of slowing down: Patronaat announced for July

Beechwood shows no sign of slowing down: Patronaat announced for July


Generating a sound and feel at once stoned, cocky, and aggressive, Beechwood are a band that literally came from the New York streets. To take the members at their word, they were effectively homeless when they dropped their first nationally distributed album, and they all flirted with lives outside the law while struggling to get the band off the ground. Formed by a pair of close friends, the group first made a name for themselves playing clubs and D.I.Y. spaces in New York, honing their own brand of murky but muscular, streetwise rock & roll. Beechwood dropped their debut album, Trash Glamour, in 2014, but it was with 2018's Songs from the Land of Nod that they began attracting a significant audience outside New York City.

Through their combined experiences of truancy, petty thievery and altogether unseemly behavior, Beechwood has emerged from its not-too-distant past as a likely candidate to head the reemergence of authentic New York rock and roll. Comprised of Gordon Lawrence (guitar/vox), Sid Simons (bass/vox) and  Russ Yusef (drums), Beechwood’s raw energy and unwavering passion has blazed a trail of fever-pitched enthusiasm from all corners of the globe. With last year’s full lengths, Songs From The Land of Nod and Inside The Flesh Hotel, released on Alive Naturalsound Records within six months of each other, Beechwood shows no signs of slowing down. This summer the band returns to the Netherlands for the third time in a little over a year:

19/07: Haarlem (NL) - Patronaat