× An evening with Austin Lucas: soon in Nijmegen's Lutherse Kerk

An evening with Austin Lucas: soon in Nijmegen's Lutherse Kerk


Austin Lucas has come home. It’s been over two decades since the songwriter packed his bags and left Bloomington, IN the Midwestern town where he was born and spent his formative years. He returns to that place both creatively and physically with his seventh studio album Immortal Americans. Written after a tumultuous period that found Lucas getting sober supporting his partner through a battle with cancer and breaking up with his longtime record label. Immortal Americans is a clear-eyed album for murkier times rooted in stripped-down songs that find the artist reflecting upon the changes in both his hometown and himself.

Co-produced by Lucas and Will Johnson (Centro-Matic) and recorded/engineered by Steve Albini and captured in a series of live, full-band performances, Immortal Americans was written after Lucas resettled in Bloomington. He’d been away for years, touring the world as an independent solo artist before signing a record deal with New West in 2013. In many ways, the albums he released during that period were reflections of the music he’d grown up with, from the mountain music of his father (bluegrass musician Bob Lucas) to the punk records that soundtracked his teenage years. 

This month Austin Lucas will be doing an intimate solo show in NL: 
29/02: Nijmegen, NL - Lutherse Kerk

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