× Amanda Pearcy to tour in October: first shows announced today

Amanda Pearcy to tour in October: first shows announced today


Austin, Texas’ Amanda Pearcy is a storyteller, her characters wearing her experience. She pens with a perception of why we do what we do in a way that buries a little of each of us in the story. From soulful ballads to country, and from folk to roots rock, Amanda Pearcy is like a fish in water in all genres. There’s a hardscrabble grittiness to her that’s irresistible. Her life story reads like the premise for a bona fide Oscar contender, but between the richly hued, smoky beauty of her voice and the striking, evocative images she paints in words and starkly haunting melodies, Pearcy hardly needs the Hollywood treatment to translate her experiences into heartrendingly arresting art. Ultimately, succor comes from within, with songs reflecting a hard-earned understanding that in lieu of perfect happy endings, resilience is its own reward.

With songwriting reminiscent to that of Lucinda Williams, Jason Isbell, Gillian Welch, and Mary Gauthier, Amanda Pearcy puts flesh on the familiar bones of Southern gothic and makes her songs sound like lived experience, only described by a sharp observer with a store of original images. This born and raised Texan’s southern drawl, in combination with a voice that has lived life, sets her apart, making her instantly recognizable as a complete individualist, full of originality and diversity, with the only thing predictable about her music being that one great song will follow another. Her songs, at times delivered with a sensual tender fragility, and sometimes with a raw husky punchiness, speak of hard times, the human spirit, and its will to endure. Many have a retro blues feel to them...Janis Joplin-esque and R&B upbeat tracks cut against soulful and melodic ballads, country, and gospel songs, with the deep-felt folk soul of Amanda’s voice grounding the diversity of them all. In October Amanda Pearcy will come to Europe for a small tour.

First dates announced today:
09-OCT: Edam (NL) @ A Walk About Music
10-OCT: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso Noord, Tuinzaal
12-OCT: Berlin (DE) @ Lido
16-OCT: Eindhoven (NL) @ Café Wilhelmina
22-OCT: Utrecht (NL) @ Ramblin Roots