× A letter from Christopher Paul Stelling: Europe tour starting on Friday

A letter from Christopher Paul Stelling: Europe tour starting on Friday


With a tour starting this week Christopher Paul Stelling shares this letter with all of us. A tour starting in France, including the prestigieus Printemps de Bourges Festival, then taking him to the Benelux, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal. Be sure to have a look at the tourlist underneath the letter.


After touring nonstop for five years, I recently took a break of four months, and it seemed like an eternity. In those five years I kept such a pace - rarely if ever coming up for air. I finally had the life that I had always dreamt of: travel, adventure, music, and freedom... I couldn’t give it up, I couldn’t let it go. I was exhausted though, and I had to trust that if I slowed my pace it all wouldn’t just disappear. At times it felt like I was trying to hold water in my hands. Four albums in and well over a thousand shows...Finally though, I was able to look back, take a breath, and appreciate my good fortune.

My last record Itinerant Arias was heavy and emotional in substance.  At the time of its creation it really felt like the world was falling apart, and maybe it still is, but I know we won’t let it. All I can do is to keep going; renewed and with the benefit of my experiences. I’m far from wise, but I AM extremely grateful.

I’ve been given this gift to be able to share my thoughts and music with people, and that’s what I’m going to do. This new Spring 2018 tour of Europe is going to be special. If it’s any indication, the tour that just ended of the eastern US was my favorite tour yet.

I’m working on new material, and approaching the older songs with renewed verve.  I’m telling stories from my times on the road, and looking forward to catching up with my friends new and old across Europe who give me the strength and encouragement that it takes to make this whole insane adventure possible. 

Here we go.

See you out there,


27/04: Pont-l Abbé (FR) @ Festival Une Oreille sur le Monde 
28/04: Bourges (FR) @ Le Printemps de Bourges ≠
29/04: Brussels (BE) @ AB Club º
01/05: Nijmegen (NL) @ Merleyn º
03/05: Berlin (DE) @ BaumhausBar 
04/05: Witten (DE) @ Roxi 
05/05: Schwerin (DE) @ Angler II 
06/05: Utrecht (NL) @ Café de Stad #
09/05: Leeuwarden (NL) @ Mijn Ouders 
10/05: Ospel (NL) @ Mijl Op Zeven %
15/05: Carnate (MB) (IT) @ Biblioteca Comunale 
16/05: Florence (IT) @ Arci Progresso 
17/05: Rome (IT) @ Le Mura 
18/05: Reggio Emilia (IT) @ C.S. Catomes Tot 
19/05: Ravenna (IT) @ Boca Barranca 
21/05: Udine (IT) @ Folk Club Fest 
23/05: Stuttgart (DE) @ Silent Friday 
24/05: Eindhoven (NL) @ Rozenknop ^
25/05: Almelo (NL) @ Paco Plumtrek 
26/05: Duisburg (DE) @ Tempel Folkfest 
27/05: Rotterdam (NL) @ House Concert 
28/05: Recklinghausen (DE) @ Recklinghauser 
29/05: Bern (CH) @ Hush Hush 
31/05: Lisboa (PT) @ Musicbox 
01/06: Coimbra (PT) @ Salão Brazil 
02/06: Portalegre (PT) @ CAE 

≠ w/ Adrian Crowley
º w/ Lilly Hiatt
# w/  Tom Brosseau
% w/ Pert Near Sandstone, Whitney Rose, a.o.
^ w/ Ryan Boldt & Jenny Berkel

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