What are the solutions to these common problems?

1. suck up spiders (properly)

In summer, when balcony doors and windows are open, and in autumn, when it gets cool, they seek shelter in houses and flats. Everyone knows the horror scene of the slain spider, from which hundreds of miniature spiders then scurry through the flat. German hospitality ends when it comes to spiders. What is to be done?

  • a. If it has to be the hoover.
    Increase the suction power to the maximum and use a hoover with a non-return nozzle if possible.
  • b. Change the bag immediately after vacuuming. Seal it tightly and dispose of it. Empty bagless hoovers directly into a sealable plastic bag.
  • c. Using insect spray or putting out insect poison is usually not an option. Often the poison is also hazardous to the health of pets and children. There is also the danger of transferring the poison into living areas.
  • d. Spraying or cleaning with tea tree, peppermint or lemon (mixed with water).
  • e. Put a glass or a container over the spider, then put a piece of cardboard between the glass and the spider. Set out in the open.
  • f. Ask the neighbour.

2. flower and garden soil

The best way to pick up the coarse pieces is with a dustpan. Pick up the rest with water and a rag.

3. water

Mop up - this can be done just as quickly with an absorbent mop as with a hoover. Alternatively, a wet-dry vacuum cleaner can be purchased.

4. ash

Allow the barbecue charcoal to cool completely, then dispose of it with a shovel in a plastic bag.

5. broken glass

These are also best swept up first, and the rest picked up with a damp cloth. However, the danger of cuts remains.

If you're going to do household chores, vacuum

Despite these 5 sobering warnings, vacuuming is one of the most popular household activities among Germans, according to a study conducted by the Minijob-Zentrale in 2015. It is even more fun when it smells good after vacuuming. You can fill the new hoover bag with fragrances:

Tear up a sheet of toilet paper, sprinkle it with your favourite scent or essential oils and place it in the dust bag. Alternatively, sprinkle (or vacuum up) washing powder, vanilla sugar or dried lavender flowers.

Further information: Stinky hoovers: tips and tricks that really help

  • Vacuuming is even more relaxing if...
  • vacuuming from top to bottom (shelves first, then working towards the floor)
  • vacuum from the back to the front. Start in the back corner, then from each point vacuum the nozzle in a star shape in all directions.
  • Remove small items and obstacles before vacuuming. Ideally, sweep before vacuuming.
  • Pull out the cable completely, otherwise the appliance may overheat.
  • For hard floors, switch the nozzle to the "brush ring" symbol. This sweeps dust and hair together, which prevents scratching of the floor covering.