What fertilizer to choose for the trees of Kizil?

Kizil (Cornus Florida) is a magnificent tree with pink, white or red flowers on the branches, which will be an additional addition to a large tree canopy; Kizil does not like full sunlight. Preferring fertile soil, Kizil usually needs periodic fertilizer throughout his life for the best growth and flowering. Two specific types of fertilizers are well suited for this plant that lives in rigidity zones from 5 to 9 according to the classification of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Fertilizer 12-4-8

The trees of Kizyl grow well when using fertilizers in the ratio of 12-4-8. The abundance of nitrogen marked with the first number reflects the importance of this element for the tree. Nitrogen provides a basic structure for chlorophyll, the main pigment required for photosynthesis in the leaves. Although phosphorus and potassium are important as macroelements, they are in a smaller ratio compared to nitrogen; Phosphorus helps to satisfy energy needs through adenosine trifosphate, and potassium ensures the division of the cells of the growing dog.

Fertilizer 16-4-8

For gardeners with soil experiencing a nitrogen deficit, fertilizer 16-4-8 will help preserve the health of the dog. Low nitrogen level becomes visible on the tree; Slowing growth and light green leaves are a sure sign of a lack of nitrogen. The use of fertilizer with the same content of phosphorus and potassium, along with an increased amount of nitrogen, provides a tree with additional nutrients for optimal photosynthesis.

The consequences of incorrect fertilizer

The choice of fertilizer, which is not considered compatible with Kizyl, can lead to significant damage or death of the plant. Incorrect fertilizer ratio exposes the root of the tree unbalanced soil composition; Roots can bend from a large amount of salt or pH levels, depending on the ratio of nutrients in the fertilizer. You can easily check the need for your soil in nutrients using a soil testing kit. These sets are usually sold in horticultural shops or stores of home products, they give an accurate report on the needs of the soil in nutrients, which allows you to choose the right fertilizer.

Accounting for fertilizer requirements

If your soil testing features a healthy mixture of all 16 macro and trace elements in it, you do not need to fertilize the soil around the tree. Certain trees of Kizyl, for example, younger than 1 year, should not be fertilized. Their roots begin to root and very sensitive. Kizil, growing next to lawns, which constantly steal, should also not need fertilizers; The propagating root system can use a lawn fertilizer as an acceptable source for healthy growth. The offers can differ in the amount of the bonuses, the working conditions for the free taps and the amount of the minimum stakes. Basically, four virtual electronic currencies are accepted for the game, including Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ethereum, Monero or Ripple. All crypto casinos that belong to the top ten are characterized by the availability of special software that guarantees the honesty of the gaming process and prevents fraudulent actions in the area of settlements and rallies.