Interesting facts about zodiac signs

You quickly react feelings. Because of this, you are very easy to withdraw on emotions, and you tend to annoyance and cry faster than anyone else from the signs. Most likely you are simply amazing kissing and very romantic nature.
Although everyone consider you a terrible lazy man, in fact you love to move, play sports and other activities. You have dofiga friends, but you prefer to sit at home and watch movies than to hang out. It seems you are too old for this, even if young outwards.
For whatever you take, you have golden hands. You always know what to do to achieve success, and you never give up hands after failure. You are cool.
Everyone consider you whots, but in fact you are far from that. Just get well with your emotions and are not afraid to show them. You have tough problems with parents. With father or mother.
a lion
Any room, where you enter, immediately filled with laughter, and all the views are attracted to you, and it can be for two reasons: either you are very confident and perfectly find a common language with others, or you are the lion that looks more like clumsy lion.
You only communicate with a close circle of people. You do not let anyone and sincerely think that this is because you are just better than others.
They see beauty in everything. Some people at the sight of a luxurious sunset will pass by, but definitely not scales. They will make 100 photos and send them to you so that you are divided with them this beauty.
They do not understand. No, seriously, everyone always considers them with rude and "poisonous", and no one is even trying to dig deeper and understand that they are not gross, but careful. They are very ambitious. And if you think that this is not the case, then you are just fools, because time will pass, and scorpions will show you how all their ambitions become reality.
They do not really believe in the signs of the universe and horoscopes, but they still read them every time, when something coincides, sincerely cool. If you meet the Sagittarius, who never thought about everything to throw and dump from everyone, then you obviously communicated not with Square.
They like to experience themselves. Sometimes they themselves challenge, even if this challenge causes them pain. They are bored when everything is stable and calm in their lives.
They are very stuffy. Seriously, sometimes they do not understand themselves, why do they behave, but, anyway, they love to get to the details and take away everything around from time to time. They are sufficiently sociable.
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